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Safe and easy removal of ticks – with Dr. G. Schick’s Tick Tweezers

Tick TweezersDr. Schick's Tick Tweezers, available in chemists and guaranteed simple and easy to use, are ideal for removing ticks.

Dr. Schick's Tick Tweezers and the patented Ultra Tick Tweezers are used by doctors in general practice with great success and recommended to the layman for removing ticks.

General information

The removal of firmly attached ticks is almost always a problem for the layman. You should never use oil or other substances for removing ticks, because this increases the risk of infection.

The mouthparts (erroneously also called "tick head") frequently tear off and remain sticking in the skin. This can be prevented by twisting the tick out of the skin.

Tick TweezersThe rotating movement causes gentler pulling. Moreover, rotating aids stabilisation between the mouthparts and the tick’s body, thus in almost all cases preventing the "tick head" being torn off.

Firmly attached ticks can be grasped by Dr. Schick's Tick Tweezers and twisted out with 2-3 twists:

The site of the bite should be disinfected once the tick has been removed. A tick should be removed as soon as possible, as this may in some circumstances reduce the risk of infection.

After a tick bite the aid of a doctor should definitely be sought:
a) if there is local reddening at the site of the bite.
b) if symptoms occur, such as, e.g. feeling unwell, headache, fever (similar to a flu infection).

Application with the new Ultra Tick Tweezer

Remove fully attached ticks (A) differently from small ticks (B)

removal tick tweezersRemoval of ticks

A) Slide the Tick Tweezer over the side of the body of the tick, so that the body is located in the pocket of the tweezers. Then pull the tick out of the skin with a slight rotating movement.

B) Open Tick Tweezer, take hold of the tick as close to the skin as possible and twist out.

Where can you buy Dr. Schick's Tick Tweezers?

Dr. Schick's Tick Tweezers are available from chemists. Simply ask for them. Additionally we offer the option of ordering them on our website. Follow the link, fill in the form and you will shortly receive the Tick Tweezer(s).

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